Student aid
Student aid
The opening ceremony
    Ten o'clock in the morning of August 30, 2011, the Development Zone high school playground school opening ceremony was held. Development Zone of each unit and each represent the school, our school staff school leadership and teacher and student representatives attended the opening ceremony.
The school twinning
    In October 11, 2012 the Anshun Development Zone high school and Guangzhou City Pui Ying secondary agreed to form education helping relationship
Newborn military training
    August 18, 2012 at 8 am, Anshun Development Zone high school administration leadership, Armed Police Hydropower instructors, 2012 level are high and teachers and all the staff in the school playground new open training and the flag raising ceremony ceremony.
Staffing structure

Professional and technical personnel 76 ( of whom 73 are full-time teachers, other professional and technical personnel 3 ), 4 management staff. 4 internal organs: office, office of academic affairs, church and State Department, general services.

The school was founded
Introducing the shool
Dean's Office
The educational administration is the school teaching work the important functions and specific management department, Dean's office director of dean's office daily work, vice director to assist the director in charge of the work.
Church and State Department
Is mainly responsible for the school moral education work and management work of class teacher.